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I have the pleasure to teach Bellydance at the new Kinetics Wellness Studio in Oak Ridge.
Monday 6-7 PM - Kinetic Wellness studio - 649 Briarcliff Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Discover or improve your inner dancer through creative and structured learning of this wonderful dance art . Learn new body isolation, veil techniques, combos and choreography.
From beginners to seasoned dancers, come enjoy strong and sensuous moves in a friendly environment. You wil also learn about rythms and cultural aspects.

My goal is to make belly-dancing accessible to every student so they can enjoy the benefits of exercise, enhanced flexibility but also self-confidence and creativity in a non-competitive and family friendly envir onment.

Contact me if you have any question:
Registration: or call Kenda at 865 221 2449
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About the instructor
Originally from Belgium, Katrien is a professional dancer and instructor in middle Eastern dances: traditional, modern (Bellydance) and fusion. She discovered this dance form in 1997. Since she dedicated hersel f to it, taught, and performed in Europe and now the USA. Katrien obtained her degree as a teacher and performer trough a three-year course in the Netherlands in 2009. She continued her training by taking masterclasses. When she moved to Tennessee in 2015, she started taking Ballet and Jazz classes. Besides her dance activities, Katrien holds an M.Sc. in Psychology and Education (Liège, Belgium ) and is specialized in developmental therapy.


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